Our Mission

Committed to building and maintaining a better community through partnerships within the community; to promote and provide adequate, affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment for the individuals and families we serve, without discrimination.




Fraud is a criminal act in which individuals, groups, or businesses steal taxpayers’ monies from HUD and its programs. Fraud can also lead to acts of violent crime. When fraud occurs, residents and tenants become victims and HUD’s programs are abused. Tenants who make false statements regarding their income or family size, or alter official documents, are committing fraud.

Fraud has a devastating effect on HUD’s assisted rental housing programs. The Office of Inspector General wants to drive fraud out of HUD-assisted rental housing and is working closely with HUD management to rid our assisted rental housing programs of fraud.

If you suspect an applicant, tenant or landlord is committing fraud, please call the office at 605-226-2321 ext 10 or print the following form and bring/mail/fax it into the housing office. (Forms are also available at the office).

   Fraud Form